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On Gear Automotive Services with SBS Transpole Logistics!

SBS Transpole Logistics offers optimal supply chain solutions, reduced inventories and integrated freight services for the automotive industry. Our global logistics network has benefited our clients in all the fields of freight services including shipping, operations, packaging and delivering.

Our professionals have years of experience in supply chain consulting, implementation and execution. With our global network and technologically advanced systems, we serve our customers with end-to-end logistics solutions, optimizing communications, information management, and reliable delivery services The expertise of our professionals will turn the complex automotive industry’s supply systems into finely tuned supply chain solutions.

Automotive Industry Services:

  • Cost – effective supply with a streamline process
  • Global networks and office locations for procurement, distribution and aftermarket logistics
  • Optimized logistics solutions for reliable and timely delivery
  • Air, Sea, Road and Rail Freight Transportation services for all kinds of automotive service demands
  • Warehousing and Distribution services for product specific storage needs
  • Processing and Planning services for manufacturing facilities or a new client
  • Eco-friendly transportation facilities for every cargo delivery
  • A reliable and wide network of automotive manufacturers and suppliers
  • Transport and contract logistics services for different supply chain needs
  • Consulting Services as and when required

Inbound Logistics

  • Systematic process of receiving Raw Materials
  • Material Quality Inspection
  • Supplier Order Management
  • Warehousing Services for storing the received material
  • Consolidation of products from multiple suppliers and Consolidation Centers
  • Flexible management of incoming goods
  • Custom clearance and transportation services to the warehouse/manufacturing site

Production Logistics

  • Storage services with Warehousing and Sub assembly units
  • Procurement of components and parts for manufacturing purposes
  • Time-to-Time delivery
  • Systematic process for removal and unloading of units

Outbound Logistics

Multimodal distribution of goods for suppliers, production plants or distributors


After-Sales Services

  • Availability and accessibility of spare parts and manufactured equipments
  • Distribution Centres
  • Inventory Control Systems
  • Automated Supply Chain tracking systems
  • Systematic Container Management services
  • Frequent updates and notifications
  • Container Management as and when required

Packaging Services

  • Packaging services for all kinds of automotive needs
  • Flexible approach for returnable packaging with appropriate solutions
  • Temperature – sensitive and specialized packaging to meet the clients diverse needs and requirements
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