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How can I keep a track on my shipment?

You can keep a track of your shipment at every phase by using Shipment/HBL Tracking service available on our home page. You just have to add your shipment or house bill number and keep a track on every movement of your delivery.

How can I reach a customer care representative for help?

For any kind of query you can contact our customer care representative by filling out the form on the Contact Us Page and leave your message in the form. Our customer personnel will reach you within 24 hours.

For any shipment query how can a vendor contact to discuss about his product or service?

Our support assistance is always present through calls and email services on the contact us page. For specific product details and location queries you can refer to the office location details mentioned on the Contact Us page.

Do you conduct pre-shipment checking for Air Freight services?

Yes. All our Air Freight services are FIATA & IATA registered. We use industry approved monitoring system with pre-shipment inspection following a systematic, planned and controlled IT operations.

How can I contact anyone for Custom Clearance services?

We have In-house experts for Brokerage Services. Our experts are well versed with the industry standards and laws for the custom clearance process. Our subject matter experts will handle the complete project service. You can visit our Custom Clearance Services page that has a contact us option to get in touch with our experts.

How will I be notified when my courier will be delivered?

We have international courier express delivery services that keep you notified about your shipment status. You can also request a delivery notification by email for exact details.

What all industries does SBS Transpole serve?

At SBS Transpole, we offer complete Logistics services for Automotive Industry, Technology Industry, Consumer Industry and Retail Industry, Pharma Industry and Healthcare Industy. To know more about specific Industry services you can go through our services section and get an insight for understanding our diverse industry related services.

What is the route of transporting goods through railway networks?

SBS Transpole Group offer specialized cargo delivery services through safer routes with Europe Asia Land Bridge. Our Railway services connect rail tracks from Europe to China. For more information about the Railway tracks and connecting routes you can visit our International Railway services.

Do you ship and/or store dangerous goods/Hazardous goods?

Yes, at Transpole, we do shipping of Hazardous materials through different modes of shipment including Air and Sea Freight Services.

How can I get or request for a quote?

You can submit your requests for any kind of shipping by filling the Request a Quote form.